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You are

Passionate about how digital technology can be used to add value to organisations. You can position and champion products and services to create real value for your clients. You’re constantly engaging people, building relationships and creating win/win situations for all the people you work with.

You will

  • Create and close enterprise agreements
  • Acquire new clients and service key accounts
  • Track and manage sales targets
  • Identify and develop new business opportunities
  • Manage and pipeline Payboy's technological solutions
  • Work closely with the tech team to determine costs to deploy changes to current product
  • Work closely with the product team and provide input or feedback to improve product
  • Work with the marketing team to develop qualified leads

You need to be

  • Self-disciplined, with good personal integrity and motivated to achieve goals
  • Strong in verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work independently, with clear objectives in mind
  • Experienced in managing sales targets with a proven track record in closing sales contracts
  • Familiar with FMCG and/or enterprise SaaS applications


You will

  • Use your creative juices to out-serve our customers
  • Develop product designs (and user stories, flows, wireframes, prototypes, etc!) with an aim for a world-class user experience
  • Stay on top of usability trends in the market and share insights on creative applications
  • Work with other teammates to identify areas of improvements to existing processes

You need to have

  • At least 1-2 years experience in UI/UX design or related discipline
  • An impressive portfolio demonstrating your design thinking skills on the digital platform
  • An excellent understanding of design principles and great in applying them
  • Familiarity with industry tools (e.g. Photoshop, AI, etc.)
  • Sufficient technical knowledge to understand what technologies can be applied to your design


You will

  • Build new features from the ground up
  • Learn to use new technologies and paradigms
  • Become an integral contributor to the direction of the product and team
  • Ensure integrity of the existing code base through automated testing
  • Work closely with development team to maintain the system with library updates and security updates

You need to be

  • Experienced in Ruby on Rails (minimum 1 year)
  • Knowledgeable in PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Familiar with frontend technologies (e.g. CSS, Coffeescript, Jquery)
  • Able to learn fast on the job


  • Back when I was a second year in SMU, I applied for internships with only a couple of basic programming courses under my belt. I really only knew the basics: loops and if-conditions, some idea of html and css

    Working at Payboy changed my school life, and career trajectory. I’ve never met a group of people so welcoming, nurturing, and rooted in their belief in what they do - and if there’s one thing that Payboy loves, it’s their people.

    In my time at Payboy, I gained a year of valuable experience working hands-on on the codebase, learning the basics of web development, API design, frontend and backend frameworks, and software architecture. I was involved in end-to-end delivery, from gathering client requirements, to translating that into engineering tasks, to testing and deploying the finished product.

    I’m now a developer in the industry, and my time at Payboy was what made me choose this career path. I’m very confident that they have something incredible to offer to you, too.

    Brandon Lim
  • During my stint at Payboy, it has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Interning at Payboy has been one of the best decisions I made professionally.

    The comprehensive employee development plan and mentorship allowed me to build the technical foundation I have as a software engineer at my current job at UOB. If you are someone that takes challenges in stride, then Payboy will bring the best out of you by exposing you to plenty of opportunities.

    Of course, Payboy is not all about work - in fact, it’s their culture that captivated me. The camaraderie between every employee makes work so much more enjoyable since everyone is willing to show the ropes and learn with you. In fact, Payboy is very interested in your unique point-of-view of the challenges it faces and how the team canbetter solve them. Also, if you love to snack during work, their snacks corner is always filled with fresh goodies to keep you fueled during work.

    Don’t hesitate to give Payboy traineeship a go!

    Ivan Goh Chun En
  • I had the pleasure of interning at Payboy as a Software Engineer for the summer of 2018, and I believe I could not have asked for a better entry point to step foot into the world of software building! I had just joined fresh out of a software engineering class, but the engineering team did not restrict me to only sections of the codebase.

    They selflessly encouraged me to explore the entirety of it, allowing me to spend a healthy amount of time in both the frontend and backend domain of the web application product.

    Contrary to what I believed, I was not just coding away independently to push features one at a time but coached to put on different hats - something that one could only experience at start-ups! I spent an invariable bit of time pair-programming, discussing designs/solutions with fellow engineers, and avidly sitting in meetings to understand the high-level direction for the company.

    Most importantly, I got to first hand engage in the current most adhered-to methodology in the tech world - the Agile Software Development process - which even allowed me to take the mantle of a scrum master for a week or two!

    Jaivignesh Venugopal
  • As my first experience in a startup and first customer service and operational role in the software industry, Payboy helped me transition from a government job to the private sector. The startup talent factory aided me in thinking about better processes for the company and melding into the startup culture better. It also exposed me to a close to real life simulations of marketing to the public and the like.

    From working in Payboy, I learnt how to keep up in a fast paced environment and adapt to the changes. It also taught me how to anticipate needs before they are expressed, manage work under immense pressure, as well as pick up other soft skills in sales and marketing. It even taught me a semi-working understanding of how codes work.

    More importantly, working in Payboy gave me lifelong bonds with my colleagues and acted as an important launch pad into the next chapter of my career.

    Audrey Leong
  • I interned at Payboy in the summer of 2019 (May – August) as a Software Engineering intern and was given the opportunity to work on UI/UX features as well as to implement a feature that incorporated community chest donations when generating payrolls.

    Being a start-up, the internship experience at Payboy was really unique because it did not limit interns to specific roles (e.g., only backend or only UI) but gave me broad exposure to different technologies and software. For example, some of the tools I picked up included Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, and SQL. Also, the working culture at Payboy was friendly and chill, exactly what one would expect from working at a tech start-up.

    One key takeaway I got from my internship at Payboy was when I resumed university, I would constantly think about how what I was learning could be applied to problems I had to solve at Payboy. In this sense, the internship motivated my studies in a very practical manner because I was able to appreciate the kind of problems that exist in actual software engineering projects and anticipate how something I was learning could solve them.

    I would highly recommend Payboy to any aspiring software engineers looking for an internship that will expose them to a broad array of skill sets and be technologically rewarding.

    Douglas Allwood
  • I entered Payboy as a UX Designer after graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic under the Startup Talent Factory Program. Even though I entered the company with little to no experience in this industry, Payboy created an environment where I could learn and explore comfortably. I was given many opportunities to explore different roles, and this helped me discover my interest in development, which led me to further my studies in a related course.

    Working at Payboy was definitely not easy. Being in a startup meant a fast working environment, however, the culture made up for it. Everyone is very warm, welcoming, and willing to help each other when needed. It is very heartening when we are all learning together and you know that you are not alone.

    Hong Li Xuan

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